About the learning units

                  The core of the project would be in the form of Learning Units that will be implemented by school teachers in these schools as a part of science circles for interested students. These units will be closely related to the school curricula, but would expose students to dimensions of science and mathematics beyond the textbooks. The broad learning objectives of the units:

  • Students should be able to understand standard concepts in books at deeper levels, and develop the ability to use those concepts in varying situations.
  • Participants develop critical thinking necessary to analyze a system, problem, situation, claims, or beliefs.
  • Students can see where their science and maths learning is useful in life, and hence open diverse career options for them (including and also beyond traditional engineering and medical institutions).

The activity units conducted in the science circles would consist of two categories with a focus respectively on

  • Generic competencies in science, and
  • Contextualizing science to the local environment

The Learning Units shared here have been designed with pedagogies informed by science, technology, and mathematics education research. As is necessitated by the process of education, the units are not fixed, but will evolve with time with feedback from students and teachers, and the varying needs of different student populations in the country. We welcome and seek feedback from teacher and students about their experiences when they use these Learning Units.


Please note: The Learning Units that have been uploaded in the current phase of the project (July-October, 2017) have been designed for Grade 8 students. However, if found relevant and challenging enough, the same or a modified version can be used with higher grades as well.

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