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About the project

The Vigyan Pratibha project responds to the nation’s concerns about the acute shortage of high quality science and technology (S & T) specialists available in the country by taking a long term view and focusing on growing talent among students with high potential to contribute to science. Though there have been several programmes in the past to select and promote talented students in science through multiple schemes, there are many sections of students, particularly from socio- economically disadvantaged backgrounds who are unable to benefit from these schemes. Vigyan Pratibha aims to facilitate their entry into a career in science and eventually to contribute a pool of high quality S & T specialists in the country.

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Overall structure of the project

The core of this project is the sustained activity of a science circle in the school. A cluster consists of about 10 schools that are within a radius of approximately 100 km such that travel between the schools is possible in a few hours. A coordinator with science/science education qualification will be appointed for each cluster and he/she will be designated as a Science Ambassador. Science Ambassadors, stationed at Nodal Resource Centres (see below) would coordinate the activities in the schools within their cluster. Their primary responsibility is supporting teachers and addressing their needs in running the science circles in a timely manner. They would coordinate distribution of activity materials, collecting feedback, troubleshooting problems in the respective schools, uploading the work of the science circles to a designated portal, etc.

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Contact and Location

For any queries regarding Vigyan Pratibha, please contact vp@hbcse.tifr.res.in

Postal Address

Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
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Mumbai, 400088 INDIA


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